# Living Manual (LM) ## The missing link(s) - the 4th proposal by [Dominik "Dom" Jais](http://dominikjais.com) open


the term "living" is refered to as "being alive"

in context of a manual means that something is changing or able to change or being changed, going on, happening, etc.

Context web

In web context something is alive when it is surrounded by a community.

Like at slack, facebook, twitter, blockchain, reddit, etc.

Without people no content
Without content no LM

BUT: communities have their own neeeds and rules

Taking care of the people

The "Living Manual" has to be lived, used and expanded by the people for the people.

In web terms people are described as "users"
And what we aim for is "User Generated Content"

One app (site) per role

Each role gets a solution tailored to its needs. Like a WET System for a cider factory, a straw bale house for a video maker, a biogas system for a web developer

With a multi part approach we can get all our users what they want by minimizing the downsides and costs.

part 1. The Community

With a state of the art, solution-based, pattern language driven website we address the Permaculture & Humanitarian Aid community to add solutions to specific contexts related to generate regenerative human settlements, aka "the ring".
  • We need to grow a community around those topics
  • The community needs some starting rules - other need to be defined by themselves.
    • Some basic rules to start with are:
    • No gate keeping
    • People can publish anonymously

part 2. Decisions

Media enriched - beautiful end user website / app - aka "the shiny toy"

  • Enriching the already existing reviewed content with media - images, videos, drawings, etc.
  • Only verified solutions (from the part 1) are in the results
  • Feedback loop using backlinks to the community
    • And for whom do we create it?
    • For decision makers
    • For investors / donors

part 3. Refugee Camp Managers

The offline version of the living manual - aka "the hard part" hosted at the website created at part 1 or 2. There are three possible solutions that might work.

  • A offline copy as ZIP with purified HTML and only relevant pictures*
  • An ISO image of Raspbian (or Arch) as standalone WIFI or LAN with a offline copy of the LM (see above)
  • A tablet with only one application: the LM

Some features

  • Integrated backlink to the corresponding online article
  • *Relevant images, means images that are necessary to describe the solution, are included
  • The process itself, creating the ZIP and ISO, is automated

part 4. Refugees

At this part we should already have done everything we could to deliver content (aka knowledge) to the Refugees.

Makes more sense now?

What are the downsides?

  • The parts might not work at one point and needs alteration
  • If one part doesn't work the others also won't work
  • Needs a lot of different technologies being combined

And the benefits?

  • If one part doesn't work alterations are possible
  • Not all parts need to be created at the same time
  • Cost and time effectiv because need / solution focused
  • And in ideal world...

    ... the term living referes to living in a place.

    Though a Living Manual at the end is a manual for a refugee about the camp she/he is living in.

    Because we have changed a refugee camp to a regenerative human settlement.

    Now: the outtakes

    like in a Jackie Chan film the outtakes are usually the best

    The Rotten Tomatoes for refugee camps

    A refugee camp reviewing system based on a algorithm developed by us, reflecting the core values, principles and guidelines of the Blueprint placed on the Regnerative Continuum.

    • Allows Camp managers to evulate a camp
    • Show all the camps on a map -> perhaps there is already Open Access Data
    • Our values coded into an algorithm - how it works is public knowledge (like IMDB)
    • The camp designers & managers get suggestions what could be their possible improvements

    The Process (not by Kafka)

    Documenting the ongoing process of creating the bp200

    • Key parts, decisions taken, outcomes, Photos, etc.
    • Processfocused instead of Solutionfocused
    • The BP200 itself becomes documented
    • The BP200 becomes replicatable - everyone can create a BP200

    Extensions please

    use the exisiting Blueprint Alliance website for "The Process"

    • pretty low costs involved - as it is an extension
    • Content creators need only little training